Advantech 的设计制造服务医疗运算团队 (Medical DMS) 提供各式客制化且通过认证的医疗运算系统,包括 ODM 专业代工的医疗定点照护 (POC) 系列、医疗显示器、医疗平板计算机、医疗手持式计算机及病患信息娱乐终端机。 研华以适用于医疗运算的设计制造服务,搭配全面客制化能力及 IEC60601-1、EN60601-1 及 UL60601-1 认证资格,满足客户对技术与上市时间的要求。


  • 医疗计算平台

    Advantech 的医疗设计制造服务 (DMS) 提供广泛的医疗运算解决方案,适用于超音波、手术计算机断层扫描、核磁共震摄影 (MRI)、X 光等检查。我们的 DMS 医疗运算系统符合客户需求,从主板到全面系统整合、储存服务器到控制系统、标准产品组合到客制化设计一应俱全。

    • MBOOK

      Advantech mBook is a medical grade mobile server. mBook features a fanless design, with Intel® ULV platform and Core™ i3/i7 processors. It has a built-in battery with four-hour battery life to maximize productivity for a single shift of medical care givers. The included Wi-Fi module not only increases mobility but also working efficiency and productivity for physicians and care givers.
    • DMS-SA21

      Advantech DMS-SA21 is high-performance server system with Intel® Xeon® Phi co-processing electronic and mechanical integration. It features dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 sockets and 8 DDR4 2133 frequency slots, which support up to 256GB for higher parallel computing performance. The four PCIe x 16 slots can accommodate four double-deck graphic cards for extreme graphic performance. Moreover, DMS-SA21 supports 2600W redundant power supplies, which empowers expansion capability. Target applications include medical imaging systems such as high-end X-ray systems, angiocardiography systems, etc.
    • DMS-BA16

      Advantech DMS-BA16 Qseven module is designed with Freescale ARM Cortex-A9  i.MX6 dual-core/Quad-core processor for faster and more robust applications. With up to 2GB memory and 32GB eMMC NAND flash, it offers optimized performance with ultra-low power consumption. DMS-BA16 development board is ready for I/O interface expansion only in connection with 230-pin MXM edge socket to save development costs and improve time-to-market.
    • DMS-IR06

      The DMS-IR06 is a PCIe x1 medical LAN card supporting Intel® I210 Ethernet controller, with dual LAN ports offering full gigabit performance. The DMS-IR06 complies with medical standard EN60601-1, and is thus ideal for any medical application where safety/EMC regulations are a concern. For easy installation into different customized applications, the DMS-IR06 is designed to be compatible with both full-height and low-profile brackets.
  • 医疗一体机

    研华的 DMS 医疗平板计算机将最先进的技术融合在医疗等级的设计中,例如医疗运算系统及医疗监视器。 为符合医疗规范,研华的医疗平板计算机采用独立式 COM 及 LAN 端口、容易清理的无边框无风扇设计,以及减少细菌曝露机会的抗菌材质。 我们具有丰富的设计服务经验,除了给您弹性的医疗运算装置或医疗监视器客制化选择,也能有效缩短上市时间。

    • DMS-ST06

      DMS-ST06 is a low power, fanless open frame, powered by Freescale i.MX 6 Cortex-A9 dual 1GHz processors, and focuses on fitness applications. This open frame system has 1GB on-board DDR3 memory, 4G eMMC flash, and an on-board Wi-Fi module. The DMS-ST06 supports 1366 x 786 panel resolution (15.6" or 18.5"), and BT1120 interface for an analog/digital (EU/US) TV tuner card.
    • DMS-SA16

      DMS-SA16 has been dedicated from the design phase onward for fitness applications. It provides stable, Intel® M computing performance and Intel® Celeron® Processor N2930 supports Windows 8.1, with Android 4.2 as an alternative. DMS-SA16 offers a full range of interfaces, enabling fitness equipment features, such as GPIO, I2C, C-safe, and RS232, for fast integration into fitness equipment.
    • DMS-ST07

      DMS-ST07 is a 10.1 inch, all-in-one panel PC with projected capacitive multi-touch screen. It is a Freescale i.MX6 dual core solution, and supports the Android 4.2 operating system. The 1.3M front webcam and speaker give a wonderful audio-visual communication experience. Applications can range from smart home control, healthcare bedside terminal, to automation control panel.
  • 健身器材管控台解决方案


    • FIT-1001

      FIT-1001 is a 10.1-inch, wide screen Fitness Infotainment Terminal with projected capacitive 5-point multi-touch capability. The flexible Android operating application provides a responsive user interface, and RISC-based SOC offers high performance with low power under a wide range of working temperatures. The handy tablet design adapts easily to a bigger 15.6" screen, and supports wireless connection and TV tuner application. Speakers or phone jack offer listening alternatives while exercising.
    • FIT-1501

      FIT-1501 is a Cardio Console Entertainment Station; the 15.6" screen display has a friendly and innovative P-CAP multi touch interface, plus Android porting that supports a variety of workout programs. Flexible touch icons make the user interface instantly responsive. RISC-based SOC gives a high performance advantage, but with low power requirements and a wide range of working temperatures. It supports wireless connection and TV tuner in DVB-T/ATSC modes; stereo speakers and phone jack provide for stimulating yet comfortable workouts. The FIT-1501 is designed for easy device setup and convenient mounting in the final machine system. Advantech DMS offers a broad scope of customized ID integration tailored to customer requirements, and provides add-on modules to accommodate a number of different peripherals.


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