pk10开奖记录 研华的工业级无线解决方案包括:WLAN(无线局域网)、移动蜂窝网络、提供IEEE 802。11a/n & b/g/n AP,串口至WLAN,串口至移动蜂窝网络(GPRS/GSM、3G UMTS/HSDPA)设备服务器。研华的工业无线解决方案提供优越的数据传输和连通性,便于随时随地实时访问网络资源。


  • Access Point/Client Bridges

    The AirborneM2M™ line of Access Point/Client bridges enables M2M equipment to create a self sufficient Wi-Fi network and easy access to equipment data or resources from WiFi enabled devices。 The product also has the capability to be switched from an AP to a client; supporting both a single or dual RS-232/422/485 serial ports or a single 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port。 The Ethernet port can be placed into either a router or bridge mode。 Industrial strength packaging, wide temperature ratings and power options including 55-36VDC input or PoE on select models。 Enterprise Class Security include wireless security (802。11i/WAP2 enterprise); authentication security using WPA2 (AES-CCMP) and device security (multi-layered encryption)。

  • Embedded Wi-Fi OEM Modules

    Advantech has embedded dual band wireless routers and adapters for a variety of m2m applications. Our flexible, wireless, Wi-Fi modules are easy to integrate and are ideal for industrial automation and control, military communications, material handling, security, and more.

  • Wireless Ethernet Bridges

    Our wireless Ethernet bridges connect your wired devices to a wireless network - explore the range of advanced solutions for your industrial applications, such as Wi-Fi extender, network bridge, and wireless bridge.

  • Wi-Fi Accessories

    Advantech is your trusted source for all your industrial wireless accessories. Our selection includes wireless antennas,Wi-Fi antennas, Wi-Fi adapters, antenna cables, Ethernet radios, ghostbridge mounting brackets, and much more. Our high-performance products are suitable for your most challenging industrial applications.

  • Radio Modems and I/O

    Radio Modems and Wireless I/O


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